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濠江歲月 – 剛社之友



10 thoughts on “濠江歲月”

  1. Thanks to Lee Wai Hong supplied those old pictures. We treasure that. I remember we probably took the picture that I was in around 小六, It was a nice outing. But I just can’t remember the name of the girl next to 筱美. The rest of them is 鄧小琪, 陸芳婷, 鄺慕真.楊惠蓮, Do you guys remember all of us? 筱美with the hat very cute right? Also as you guys can see, I was pretty much in line at height with all of the girls up to that point, but suddenly everybody grew taller in中一, and I stayed short ! What a pitty!!

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thank you. You are great! You can remember all! I couldn’t name 李潔明, Just wondering where is she now.
    By the way, in 小學, you are one of the small 學生too, now you are tall! Things change !


  3. Thanks Tim for posting my grandson’s photos. Indeed Nov. 18, 2014 was a busy date for our schoolmates to have grandchildren together. We can celebrate their birthdays together all over the world.

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